December 13, 2006

  • top ten films of 2006

    There are a series of movies i have yet to see before i can make my final statement, but as of right now, my top ten films of 2006 are as follows:



    10.Jackass number 2

    9.Talladega Nights

    8.United 93

    7. Borat

    6.V for Vendetta

    5.Clerks 2

    4.A Prairie Home Companion

    3.Casino Royale

    2.The Departed

    1.World Trade Center


    the films I have yet to see include, Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, The Queen, Little Children, Dreamgirls, Blood Diamond, The Good Shepard, The Good German and so on.

November 14, 2006

  • JEEEEEESUS its been awhile. whats been happening? she wants revenge made my halloween by hanging out with me and giving me the coolest autographs a fan could ask for. radioshack the series has taken off on youtube and myspace. and i found that new trailer of spiderman 3 that shows venom at the end, sonys a bunch of suckas! ive got pictures up on flickr now.   myspace has been cool, but its no good as far as bloggings and journal entries go, but its far more addicting than xanga. i keep getting footprints so i guess theres SOMEONE out there checkin this site lol. and…..oh YEAH. i got a dog, chloe shes an 11 week old pug. shes awesome! check flickr for pics. anyways im out. check yoself before you wreck yoself!



September 21, 2006

  • the myspace supermacy

    So I made a myspace a LONG time ago, but Ive never used it. So the past week I started using it, and while Im not sure why, it has become INSANELY addictive. I dont even really post anything like THIS on myspace, but things like putting videos and picture albulms are easier to access. Ive also been able to find massive amounts of people, some who I havent talked to in literally years. Xanga cant do that. But Ive been with Xanga for two years now and figure I’ll still keep this, and use it just as much. For those of you who helped me through last weekend with my dad, thank you so much. He is recovering nicely and is back in Oklahoma. While he IS out of the danger zone, he is having to be extra careful and is requiring constant checkups with his doctor.

September 14, 2006

  • im leaving town tonight, my dad is in a kansas city hospital throwing up blood, i might be back saturday but i dont know for sure. if anybody believes ina higher power, my family could use your help.

September 11, 2006

  • Casino Royale

    The official preview for this new bond film has been released and honestly, after viewing this trailer I have added to the top of my site, I am exhausted. This has now become my most anticipated film to come out this year and I dont even really care all that much about bond films. I hope everyone has a safe September 11, let us not forget those who died, and let us not forget how lucky we are to be here.

September 6, 2006

  • Ill lay it out there, I miss having a girlfriend, being in a relationship.  Not missing my last girlfriend or that relationship, just being in one, having somebody there. It sucks because my compatibility shoots off the fucking chart when I’m at the retreat, and my two options with that are, 1. have a relationship with someone I see five days a year(boo long distance relationship, hurray beer!) or 2.move to the west coast where most everybody im friends with live, which, while possible, wouldnt happen for at least 1-3 years. Even Christina Pearson, founder of TLC told me in our annual heart to heart talk this year, “I think it would be fabulous for you to find someone at the retreats”, as she did with her husband. I tried the whole stupid college drinking sleeping around thing, and I refuse to go down that path ever again. I will not, I CANNOT, lower myself to that which so many I have known have fallen to. Believe it or not, but I have been mocked by trying to make myself a better person. All I want, is a good woman, someone who wont cheat, who values what a relationship means. Is there anybody out there?

September 4, 2006



    Famed adventurer, environmentalist and TV personality Steve Irwin, known around the world as the “Crocodile Hunter,” was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition off the coast of Queensland, Australia; he was 44. According to initial reports, Irwin had been filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef, and was diving near Low Isles Reef, about 1,260 miles north of Queensland capital Brisbane. Irwin was felled by a stingray barb through his chest, and his crew immediately called authorities for medical treatment, but Irwin was dead before an emergency helicopter arrived on the scene. The son of naturalists, Irwin spent his whole life around animals, and was raised at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. He quickly grew into an animal expert, with a specialty in reptiles, and was catching crocodiles by the age of 9; later, he spearheaded Australia’s crocodile relocation program, capturing the animals from populated areas and either returning them to their natural environment or raising them in the Queensland Park. In 1991, Irwin took over the running of the park, which was renamed the Australian Zoo (and would become a major tourist destination), and a year later he married his wife Terri, with whom he would have two children. The footage from their crocodile-trapping honeymoon was later fashioned into the first episode of his TV series Crocodile Hunter, and Irwin was catapulted to instant worldwide fame, with his enthusiastic nature, fearless animal acumen, and his trademark phrase, “Crikey!” Irwin turned his television success into a feature film, 2002′s The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, and in addition to his reptile passions, was an avid promoter of Australian tourism, including the recent Australia-Los Angeles campaign “G’Day LA!” In 2004, Irwin suffered one of his few bouts of negative publicity, when he fed a crocodile with one hand while holding his infant son with the other. Coming soon after the Michael Jackson “baby dangling” incident, Irwin was roundly drubbed by press reports, though he firmly insisted he was in control of the entire situation and his son was never in danger. In recent years, Irwin campaigned against wildlife hunts in Australia, specifically crocodile safaris

August 30, 2006

  • Loaded the photos from the retreat last night and Joe and I wrote a short script about the guy(dont even know if it WAS a guy) who wrote the song We Belong by Pat Benetar, itll be called “Love, Pat.” If it goes the way it should, itll be a laugh. Im writing the script Road of Echoes, about the impact september 11 had on high school students, part of me wants to do this just because Ive been itching to get it done the last three years, another part of me wants to just to piss the people off who think its too soon to be making september 11 movies. Either way it still doesnt change the fact that I miss everyone from the retreat, the first two weeks or so back from it are the most difficult, Im especially missing Savannah and Paxton, those girls are the closest thing Ive had to sisters, and Jena, Katie, the amazing Mandi Line and Rossellina, and definately Kayley. Ive started losing weight, which is cool cuz I actually found a way to do it, and the guy who opened that door was none other than Joe Shrum, he took me grocery shopping and pretty much did it all for me, loading my cart up with stuff he knew was healthy and good and all that shit, plus doing a couple of miles in the morning doesnt hurt either.but ive dropped 8 pounds, and I havent had soda in my system for a couple of weeks now. So we’ll see how long I can keep this up.

    I’m feeling nothing
    But all alone
    Just missing someone
    I don’t even know
    But until I find them
    I’ll wait patiently
    Just feeling nothing
    Inside of me

    And where are you baby
    Where can you be
    Why aren’t you here
    Loving me
    ‘Cause I won’t to kiss you
    And make you feel right
    I want to lay with you
    all through the night

    And so I wait
    For that glorious day
    When the one I dream of
    Comes my way
    But until I find them
    I’ll wait patiently
    Just feeling nothing
    Inside of me

    And I want to feel passion
    I want to feel pain
    I want to weep at the sound of your name
    Come make me laugh
    Come make me cry
    Just make me feel

August 29, 2006

  • So everybodys back in Stillwater or whatever, and the interesting thing is the realization that most of them didnt give me the time of fuckin day this summer. So fuck em, I spent the last week in Cali again, the retreat was…the best experience of my life. To see my old friends, my new friends, my inspirations. To see Kayley after four years, we would write each other and one day she dropped off the map, and when I couldnt get a hold of her or her mom, with the demons she was facing at the time I thought she had…well. Then she dropped back in like a nuclear bomb, it was amazing. The center had so much energy flowing through it, to see the fog roll in below us in the red wood valley and then cover and surround us was a trip in itself. Every time I go to California, whether Im driving through it or visiting or whatever, my adrenaline rushes, I become so happy like in a fantastic dream. So, school in the spring, the parents will pay the rent, and eventually Im out. I have officially caught the fever of wanting to get out of Oklahoma. Me and the girls had a good laugh about the fact that Oklahoma doesnt have mountains or deserts or snow storms, yet for some reason its the hardest place on the planet to escape.

    I heard it’s cold out, but her popsicle melts
    She’s in the bathroom, she pleasures herself
    Says I’m a bad man, she’s locking me out
    It’s cause of these things, it’s cause of these things

August 21, 2006


    I just saw previews for two films coming out this year. I know I made that top ten list already, but these two, one looks just wonderful, the other….the performance of the lead. The first being Children of Men starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine. It is about the next generation of humans from now, our children. For one reason or another, women can no longer carry children, and after this generation dies, the human race will be no more. Clive Owen gets pulled into a shocking discovery by an old friend(julianne moore): a woman has somehow managed to concieve. Clive and Julianne along with some freedom fighter type folks must get this girl safely across the border into some country not revealed by the trailer, where she will be safe and the child delivered safely into the world. The second film is called Edmond starring William H. Macy, like I said, not the movie but his performance that counts here, it looks like the best performance of the year, if not his entire career. He plays a stressed out businessman who decides to just let go and leaves his wife?, sleeps with some righteously beautiful babes(Mena Suvari and Denise Richards), and when he goes home with a third woman(Julia Stiles) he ends up killing her, most likely accidentally in some sort of rage. But the rest of the film is how he deals with this and most likely is busted by the police, but the movie looks fucking awesome, and the screenwriter is David Mamet(Hannibal,Ronin, and most importantly The Untouchables).